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Western Sahara – Some history and an appeal for donations

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I am honoured to be involved this year with the Olive Branch Arts / Sandblast Arts Youth Theatre project from 26th October to 9th November. For the third year running they are going out to the Saharawi Refugee camps in Algeria. They use theatre and drama therapy to work with the displaced people of Western Sahara to empower them to tell their own story, promote their own culture and earn a living through the arts. Along with photographer Emma Brown, I will be part of the documentaion team during the three week project.

It’s an inspiring project but, unsurprisingly, there is not any funding in the refugee camps or money from the exiled government of the not-officially-recognised state so Olive Branch rely on individual generosity. Please visit the donations page and think about giving something towards funding Olive Branch this year or come to the fundraiser event on Friday 19th October at Only Connect, 32 Cubitt Street, Kings Cross. WC1X 0LR The night starts at 7.30pm.

The case of Western Sahara is one of the forgotten conflicts of our time. A Spanish colony for nearly a hundred years, it was transferred in hugely contraversial circumstances to Morocco in 1975 and has remained a part of the North African Kingdom ever since. Some argue that it was the place that started the Arab Spring. Recently declassified U.S government papers suggest that the U.S.A scripted, or were at least heavily involved in, the handover from Franco’s Spain to King Hassan’s Morocco. Yet few people in the West know anything about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 10, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Brand New Ancients at Battersea Arts Centre

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Following her massively successful book launch in the massive Old Vic, now Kate Tempest has a play out too. Written across a year at Battersea Arts Centre with regular, public, work-in-progress rehearsals, Kate Tempest’s Brand New Ancients is a good argument for giving artists time, space, support and money and letting them produce something innovative.

The play opens with Kate lying motionless on the stacked blocks of a simple stage set, legs stretched out (wearing odd socks) as if in a trance in her room at home. Behind her a band of drums, cello, violin and tuba play a city-traffic-dreamscape that is the prologue for this urban tale.

The idea of the Brand New Ancients concept is that we are all gods, heroes, giants, villains – at times all of them. Like Joyce’s Ulysses, the artist creates modern myths in old frameworks. Like Dizraeli with his idea of ‘small gods’, there are no idols, queens or kings when all people are little gods themselves.  As the ‘ancients’ created myth to understand and explain the world, so should we too make our symbols and stories from a “brand new mythic pallet”. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 4, 2012 at 3:32 pm