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Thoughts on the ‘you got to love yourself first’ fallacy

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Where are you going?
Down the road.
What to do?Echo_and_Narcissus
To change the world.
Why do you want to change the world?
Because I cannot change alone.

Christopher Logue, from Mixed Rushes, 1974.

You got to love yourself before you love others. “You need to love your heart and who you are as a person before you can share yourself with someone else”. So says the common sense of 21st century pop psychology.

I can’t be dealing with it. It is through love for others that we find love for ourselves. Of course I understand that everywhere we go we bring ourselves with us and I know that we all bring unresolved issues and weighty baggage, some of which has to be discarded before you will be able to form a sensible relationship. But the whole insistence on that inward journey is in danger of leading to narcissism. It’s spiritualist individualism, dressed up as wisdom. One thing that needs to change in order to form healthy relationships is that very individualism itself. We must be willing to listen to others and being in love helps you learn to listen to others because for once there is someone who actually matters more to you than yourself. You then take that attitude out into the world. “You can tell when someone is in love,” my old university tutor used to say, because being in love makes us a better person. Neither loving yourself nor loving others comes first. Both make the other possible.

“You come first. Before any other bf/gf. Love yourself first. Take care of yourself first and things will fall into line.” Listen to that! On the delphi_tholosother end of the love continuum, the opposite emotion is not hate – which is often in fact a symptom of love, or love gone wrong – but selfishness. And what is that statement other than selfishness? This idea that ‘things will fall into line’ is just a capitalist spirituality. You keep buying things for yourself – gym membership, home furnishing, holidays – and then you will be fixed and then everything difficult, like building long-lasting and meaningful, life-fulfilling relationships will magically fall into line. In fact, as Foucault said, in ancient Greek culture the real important message was not the Delphi oracle’s commandment “to know yourself” but the now much less well-known instruction “to take care of yourself.”

“I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.”

Bathers at Moritzburg, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1926 And I know that thing about heal yourself and then heal the world. That we can all be a tyrant in our own world. That the personal is political and that we must act in a way that is the change we want to see. Etc. However, part of fixing ourselves is to care about others, to care about the environment, to give your time selflessly, to be less self-obsessed. And as the patterns of thinking we have sadly inherited come from the mistaken and imposing mental structures of our society, we must work to challenge those structures in ourselves BUT ALSO in the world, partly so we can be fixed, mainly so that all can be fixed.
“So if you truly sick and tired of the bullshite hype,
Back a local man and make a stand!”

Roots Manuva and Wildflower, Baptism.

Written by angrysampoetry

April 12, 2014 at 11:49 am

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  1. I ask, ”Do we really know what love is?” Reflecting recently on ‘being in love’, I find it to be an emotional state, and when in it, it is as though I have blinkers on. I see the object of my love in colour and the rest of the world in black and white. I find that although my mind is full of the object of my love, at the centre of that state is me. Is not my ‘love’ for my family and friends part of my programming, for survival, with me at the centre? Whereas when in a more un-blinkered state, I am aware of a ‘love’ that is much bigger than my mind could ever hold within it, that is undirected, unlimited, an all-encompassing stillness that I can rest within. Here there is no me and you, no self and no other, no beginning or end to life. I think perhaps true love is something that the mind is incapable of understanding, something that does not follow human order, or linear time. I can be glad to be part of it, to be able to glimpse it, and to continue my human existence, with its limitations.

    Leila Bawa

    April 14, 2014 at 8:34 pm

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