the foundations of oppression can't be plucked up without the anger of a multitude

Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time
Men thought it mad to deny the devil
Or believe we weren’t born bad,
Damned with the original sin of our ancient ancestors.
Do not doubt what we know to be true
Was the message then
And so it is now.

In 2001, I watched Milosevic on trial for war crimes
Dennounce Western warmongers and deliberate double standards
And wandered what to do now
That I agreed with him.
Were all those the press called insane and evil –
Were Slobadan, Bin Laden, Hussein and Gaddafi –
In fact the leaders of a people’s army
Fighting the tyrants for a desperate liberation?
Perhaps these peace camps and protests and marches
Were nothing more than distraction to keep them bastards laughing.

And then there was Blair with his ‘them and us’ talk
And his new terror control laws,
Like I was implored to hate the foreigner and deny unity
While Tony’s cronies stole up on us with impunity
Recording and watching and arresting without trial;
It was a while before I could see things clearly,
Six or seven years probably before I found something like sanity.

Look what that era’s spawned though:
The BNP gone,
But The EDL the new head on the hydra,
Stronger than ever,
Hot with the Muslim hatred
That their despised liberal leaders had taught them,
Having discovered that Sharia, burkhas and high street butchers
Were threatening their English values.

And now the TV and news has
Poppy parades and Help the Heroes
Honoured like 2 minute hates
The monarchy reborn and reshaped
For an era of celebrity
With their wedding and parades,
Made into an untouchable holidays:
They’ve recovered the magic of saintly popularity;
And armed police more and more become the norm,
Killing De Menezes, Tomlinson,
Smiley Culture, Mark Duggen
And more that never made the news;

The left splintered into factions floating about rootlessly,
Activists without love or honesty,
And paranoid Youtube addicts
Illiterate in politics, history, ideology,
Believing in lizards and Free Mason magic,
Denying the humans who make this whole shit tragic.

And so I don’t like Blair
Nor what he did,
And I don’t like Clinton, who inspired him,
I don’t like the free reign that’s been granted to the rich
I don’t like the racism they keep chucking in the mix
To conquer a divided society.

But I’m worried,
Once you pull the stopper off the bottle,
Can you control the genie you’ve released?
Provocateurs and police
Provoke and restrain,
Just enough to maintain systems the same;
But it’s a delicate, fragile peace.

The centre ground that gets politicians wet with excitement
Is so shifted to the right,
That EDL extremes start to merge with the mainstream
And it is once again madness to stand up
And condemn the hatred of Islam and gypsies;
It’s madness to defend the beliefs of anarchists
Or declare yourself republican or pacifist.

Just like at the end of Weimar,
Only a few stood up for the Jews,
The gays, the gypsies and communists.

Written by angrysampoetry

November 27, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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  1. this is a really really good piece! Keep it up 🙂

    shoaib 'poetic' mohammad

    November 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm

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